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Our fee structure has been carefully considered and thought–out to ensure it is transparent and fair. The fees represent an affordable level expected for a professional and thorough service. We charge no hidden extras costs for things such as X–rays. Our fee for pain or emergency visits includes all procedures undertaken that relieve the immediate problem.

Fees for NHS treatments are set nationally and fall within three charge bands for those who are not exempt from charges. If you prefer to budget monthly for private care with its advantages, we offer Denplan Care and Denplan for Children.  These provide all routine maintenance and treatment for a set monthly fee.

Initial Examination


Maintenance Fees:

Recall Examination   £35
Maintenance Scaling   £39
X rays   included
Pain/emergency visit (excludes treatment)   £49
New Patient Emergency Visit.  


Missed Appointment or Cancelled Within 48 Hours   £25 per 1/2 hour or as per quotation

Treatment Fees:

Periodontal Therapy (per 15 mins)   £50
Fillings - White  from £50-£150
Fillings - Metal Amalgam from £50-£100
Root Fillings
Anterior/Premolar   £200
Molar   £350
Molar of Extra Difficulty    £450
Simple Acrylic   £400
Simple Cobalt Chromium   £650
Set of Acrylic Full Dentures   £750
Crowns/Bridges/Inlays/Veneers (single unit)   £428
Post/Core   £140
Simple Study Models   £40
Articulated Study Models     £110
Wax Up (per unit)   £40
Implants from £2000
Inman Aligner   £1100
Simple Whitening   £335
Enlighten Whitening    £455

Artisan advanced aesthetic treatments

Individual quotation based on treatment fees and planning methods

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